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2021 online Summit


Welcome to ENES 2021 Online!

Below is the online programme for the week. We will be livestreaming main sessions through the week. Please note that the broadcast will end after each session therefore each session has a separate link. These are given below in YELLOW.

We hope to make more content available after the summit so keep an eye out in your inbox for when these will be made available. 


SESSION 1 Introduction: Frans Olivier
SESSION 2 Identity and Design of Evangelists: Trevor Botha


Morning Sessions:

Evening Sessions: Tom Jackson

SESSION 4a Theology of Contextualisation Part 1: Contextualisation

SESSION 4b Theology of Contextualisation Part 2: Gospel

SESSION 5 Theology of Contextualisation Part 3: Evangelism


Morning Session

SESSION 6 Understanding Culture: Tom Jackson

Evening Sessions

SESSION 7 Incarnational Contextualisation: Mike Watkins
SESSION 8 Change the Campus Change the World: Aoife Keegan


WORKSHOP Mental Health: Dr Stephen Critchlow

WORKSHOP Kids Ministry Evangelism: Jelmer Prins

*All times are local

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