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Evangelist Summit

In 2019 we launched our annual gathering of evangelists in Paris and in 2020 we had over 200 evangelists and local outreach teams join us from across Europe as we went online. 2021 saw us regather in Gent with over 40 evangelists from across Europe. As we awaken evangelists to accelerate the great commission we invite you to come along on the journey at our next Evangelist Summit in Finland 2024.

Who is it for?

- Evangelists who want to be equipped and meet other evangelists and to grow in their calling
- Evangelism team members (local church/campus outreach)
- Senior pastors who want to understand more about functioning with evangelists in their local church

What to expect:

1. Encountering Jesus
We will encounter the One who loved and rescued us.
2. Equipping
We will receive input from world class evangelists to inspire and equip us.
3. Engaging
We will engage in practical outreach believing for the lost on this continent to encounter Jesus and be saved.
4. Connecting
We will have the opportunity to connect with others who share a passion for reaching the lost to learn from one another.

Past Summits

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